golden breakfast bowl

Living in London, sometimes you just have to make your own sunshine. I love starting off the morning with a bright breaky, it’s just the perfect way to set yourself up for the happiest day.

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I’m sure you’re no stranger to the wonder ingredient that is turmeric, absolutely everyone seems to be obsessed. But for good reason! It’s pretty damn magical. And the beauty is that you only need a little, and it most certainly goes a long way. Somewhat of an ayurvedic miracle spice, it’s long been praised for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, and is one of the first things my mama used to give me as a little one to cure a cold, along with ginger and lemon.

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This beautiful turmeric porridge is made with one of my favourite ancient grains, millet. I love changing up the grains I use to keep things interesting- say goodbye to being stuck in a breakfast rut! Just like quinoa, millet is actually a seed and packed full of plant-based proteins. My fellow veggies and vegans will know just how important getting enough P R O T E I N is to keep us energised and those hunger pangs at bay!

Recipe (for one) 

50g millet flakes

1/4 tsp of ground turmeric powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 cardamom pod

1/2 cup of brown rice milk (or whatever your milky preference may be)

Toppings: My favourite part! I’ve been loving sprinkling lots of bee pollen and grated raw choc on top for some extra goodness. Ooh and flaked almonds. Yum.


  • Pour your milk and spices into a pan over high heat
  • When the mixture is beginning to heat up after a couple minutes, pop in your millet flakes
  • Stir stir stir- the more you mix it up, the creamier your porridge will be
  • Lower the heat little if the mixture begins to simmer too much, make sure it doesn’t boil!
  • When you’re satisfied with your porridge, pour into a beautiful bowl and top with your favourites.

The next part is pretty simple- snuggle up on the couch and tuck in to the goodness.

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goodroots london festival

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If you’ve been to, or have heard about Fare Healthy, you’ll be all up to date on all things Goodroots. If it so happens that you’re not, well then you’ve come to the right place! Both day festivals bring together all things happy, healthy and nourishing within one little glowing space, and take place in London. Think food and clothes stalls, wellness warriors from all around, and more food.

Last Saturday morn I hopped straight on a train to Dalston and met my little partner in crime Sophie. The prospect of spending a whole day with likeminded ladies and gents, as well as pioneers within the health industry had us both unbelievably excited.

We kicked off the morning with a playful yoga class with the lovely Annie of Mind Body Bowl. I’ve always loved her energising flows and this one was just the ticket to wake up one sleepy little bunny after a busy old week interning.

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               Leggy ladies (and gent!) snapped by @mindbodybowl

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quinoa glow bowl

Buddha bowl, dragon bowl, power bowl…you’ve probably heard em all by now. They tend to be the ideal lunch companion when you’re in need of clearing out the fridge- a slightly less glamorous notion, but practical all the same!

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They’re usually made up of a good ol’ protein, and today we’re using black quinoa, which has a much nuttier taste to white, a healthy fat- obviously avocado, and lots and lotsa veggies. Essentially my dream! And you can’t forget about the zinger of a tahini dressing I whipped up that ties everything together.

I love this little bowl of goodness after a strong yoga session, but to be honest, there’s rarely a day this doesn’t fit the bill. Warm it up on those chilly autumnal eves, or simply have it cold and throw in some extra raw veggies for that summery freshness.

I bring you the quinoa glow bowl:

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  • 60g quinoa
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 pepper (red/green/yellow)
  • 1/2 large sweet potato/1 small
  • big handful of spinach/greens
  • 1 tbsp tahini
  • 1bsp tamari
  • 1 tsp of pumpkin + sunflower seeds
  • 2tsp-1tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1/2 lemon
  • pinch of chilli flakes (to taste)


  • In an ideal world you’d soak your quinoa overnight to activate it (this massively cuts down cooking time + is much easier on digestion), but don’t ya worry your pretty little head if this isn’t possible.
  • Get your quinoa going on a medium flame, crack in some black pepper and pour in the tamari; pop a lid on this and watch over it for the next 10-15 mins, making sure it doesn’t run out of water + stick to the bottom of the pot
  • Chop up your sweet potato + peppers and sauté them in a non-stick pan with your coco oil til cooked through

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  • While you’re waiting, whip up the dressing by mixing the tahini, tamari, chilli and lemon juice in a separate bowl
  • Check the quinoa is cooked through and take it off the heat; mix in your veggies and drizzle with the dressing
  • Quickly toast your seeds til they start popping in the pan, then pour them over the salad.

This little gem of a recipe is so simple and insanely quick to make. The veggies + your basic protein are totally interchangeable, but I just love this combination. Double it up and take some for lunch the next day to impress everyone at work.


Tuck into it as a main, or even have it as a side dish at your next dinner party or BBQ this summer- (a girl can dream right?)

yoga retreat at tilton house

Call me crazy, but the one and only thing I wanted to do after finishing up final year exams was to sleep! Mix in some energising and restorative yoga, nourishing vegan food and long  walks in the fresh air and you’ve won me over.

And so that’s exactly what I did! Last weekend my mama and I escaped to the beautiful Tilton House in the Sussex countryside for some much needed r+r. We arrived Friday evening, I’d just jumped on a train from Bristol straight after my last exam (!), and indulged in a wonderful evening restorative yoga class with Kieran, our teacher for the next few days. It was my first time practising with him, but my mum had spoken so highly of him that I couldn’t wait to hit the mat. Did I mention that all the yoga classes were in a heated yurt in the back garden?!

A well slept in bed 

Yoga was followed by an equally indulgent dinner with the rest of the yogis that’d come from far and wide, including a handful of Londoners who needed a temporary escape from the rush of the city. Think an entire weekend of gluten free, refined sugar free + vegan food- I was in absolute heaven. The first supper was brown rice mushroom arancini followed by raw chocolate cake, completely divine!

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The next two mornings we were woken with the sunlight peeking through the curtains, a complete novelty from the everyday iPhone alarm. It felt so special. If only we could count on the sun everyday in London! After several sleepy yogis made their way to the yurt, we meditated for half an hour, followed by an strong hatha yoga class to (re!)energise our hearts and minds. Then came a much needed breaky to fuel us up for some gorgeous sunny walk through the Sussex Downs and the adorable Firle village. 

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Saturday evening was possibly my favourite. We wound down with a long yin yoga session, getting into every nook and cranny of our bodies filled with tension, built up from weeks on end of work. After dinner, Kieran guided us through a beautiful yoga nidra session. I can safely say that I’ve never slept better.

You know me, I could go on about the meals for days. So instead I’ll leave you with a snap of our farewell lunch, this dreamy polenta cake topped with Mediterranean veggies, asparagus salad  ft. cashew feta and puy lentils with roasted shallots. Followed by raw salted caramel cheesecake obviously.

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I came away with a heart full of love and complete gratitude, feeling re-energised and ready to jump straight into my internship at Punch Foods (all of which will be revealed soon!) I couldn’t recommend a weekend away at Tilton House more, it’s a hop, skip and jump from London and just the ticket if you’re in need of some unwinding and grounding.

glow on the go: bristol gems

It’s safe to say it’s been more than a while since I’ve spent my days tapping away blog posts for you all, but it feels so good to be back!

My time at Bristol is drawing to an end (not quite ready to delve into the sappy emotions just quite yet, but trust me they’re on their way), and it simply wouldn’t be right to leave without giving you a round up of my favourite little spots in the city.

Like every student before me, I’ve completely fallen in love with everything here, and it’s proven such a safe little haven away from the madness of London. I could try and sum it up here, but trust me, it’d fall far too short of capturing it’s true spirit.

For anyone paying a visit to the city any time soon or for any future students-to-be, here’s a little pick n’ mix just for you:

Health Hub

health hub 1

health hub 2

Words can’t describe how amazing this place has been to, and for me over the last year. The team members are just wonderful and have taken such care of me, especially during exam season when I made the back my little revision den! The food is just sublime, so creative and so unbelievably good for you. The menu changes from season to season, but some of my favourite current summer dishes are the veggie burger made up of quinoa, black beans and sweet potato, served up with creamy hummus and guac! Divine. Or the miso soup with roasted veggies + sesame seeds. Don’t even get me started on those infamous caramel slices!

Better Food Company 

better food 1

better food 2

The best matcha and turmeric lattes in town, hands down! It does help that they use delicious Rude Health milk too. My local branch on Whiteladies is just incredible, it’s a huge deli/health food shop rolled into one- not to mention they do a student discount which is such a novelty these days! Again, the staff are super lovely. They’re big on seasonal produce once again, and support local farms and businesses too which is really awesome to see.

Kundalini Clubbing 

kund club

My lovely friend Lil introduced me to what can only be described as one of the most surreal experiences of my life! These Kundalini clubbing nights are held monthly and begin with a cacao ceremony followed by an hour of kundalini yoga with the amazing Kirsty. The rest of the eve is spent dancing the night away, tucking into the most gorgeous raw treats from the cafe open all night and finally comes to a close with a gong bath. I woke up the next day after the spring solstice feeling so unbelievably pure, cleansed, and almost like a new woman! Electric vibes and spiritual, magical goodness all round.

Healthy Indian feasts from Tiffins 


There is such a thing as a healthy Indian takeaway my friends! Everyone’s got to head to this wonderful spot on St Michael’s Hill. Nick + Jay have become fast friends and are always on hand to serve me up some of their gorgeous curries- my personal favourites are the butterbeans and coconut lentil dahl. I’m sure even my granny, who’s an incredible cook, would approve- and that’s saying a lot!




Brew breakies, lunches and brunches are second to none. The smashed avo on toast with lime + chilli is my weakness- yes it’s not that hard to make at home, but c’mon- avo toast does always seem to taste better in quirky little cafes doesn’t it?  I indulged in their gorgeous vegan breaky after my last exam this week- spinach, toms, pomegranate and vegan garlic + parsley spread on toast. Deeeelish.

Cosy hemp milk matcha lattes at Workhouse Cafe

This is just a roundup of my local favourites, but there are so so many other places I’d have included- Bristol is just the most incredible hub for beautiful food, wonderful people and such creativity where literally anything goes! To all those coming to Bristol next year and all those after, you’re in for a real treat.

warming winter pho

I contemplated for a while over whether it was too early to whip out the “w” word, but after bundling myself up in a huge scarf everyday and considering wearing gloves, I decided acceptance was the way forward. Now I’m not the biggest fan of this time of year- its cold, dark, grey and just not very motivating at all! That bein’ said, it’s so important over the next few weeks + months to fuel your beautiful bodies with warming, nourishing + soul loving comfort meals that’ll keep your energy levels up as the days get just that bit harder to push through.

This gorgeous little Vietnamese-inspired dish was the result of one very hungry Aish after a long day at uni, and nothing but leftover veggies in the fridge. It’s so quick + simple to make and unbelievably satisfying! The rich flavour of the tamari with the tender noodles + veggies and immune boosting chilli will be sure to warm you up in no time, it’s the perfect thing to serve up when you get in from the cold!



1-2 courgettes

50g brown/simple rice noodles

100ml veggie stock

Veggies of your choice- go crazy on this one, from mushrooms to carrots to even sweet potato, which makes this goodness bowl even more grounding + comforting

Big handful of spinach

1/2 red chilli

1-2 tbsp tamari

Chopped coriander


Chop up your veggies and get them simmering away in your veggie stock for about 5-10 minutes (I personally like my veggies quite soft, but it’s up to you ma darlings!)

Slice up your coriander + chilli, spiralise your courgette + throw em all into the pot along with the rice noodles (mine take about 7-8 mins, be sure to check yours)

Keep everything bubblin’ away till all noodles are cooked, then wilt in your spinach for an extra bit of green power!

This dish is super delicious + comforting on its own, but I adore it with a fillet of baked lemony salmon on top for some extra omegas- but mostly just ’cause I love salmon. For all you veggies out there, why not try a biiig dollop of tahini + some extra veggies of your choice? In fact, just add tahini regardless!

I hope you love this one as much as I do + if ya have a go, be sure to share your snaps with me over on Twitter + Instagram & using #theglowfeed

glow on the go: bristol health hub

I won’t lie to ya, leaving lovely London and all its healthy eateries, shops and workout hotspots for Bristol had me a little teary. That was until a couple weeks before heading down, I discovered a new health hub that had opened up where my favourite old juice bar used to sit- even better, it was on my walk into uni every day! Good news for my health, probably not so much for the student loan, but swings and roundabouts.

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I had to pop in on my first day back in the city, and was bowled over by the vibe, as well as the incredible menu. Boasting a huge range of juices and smoothies that you can boost with extra superfoods, like the Vitality Gold, full of buckwheat flakes, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg and homemade almond milk. Yesss, they brew their OWN almond + hemp milk, how dreamy! On top of this, there’s a gorgeous selection of raw sweet treats, from spirulina balls to raw caramel slices, all totally gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. You can brunch there, catch up over a turmeric chai or raw hot chocolate, sweetened only with a touch of date syrup, or coo over their nourishing miso soup with a couple slices of hot gluten free toast slathered with coconut oil, my dish of choice.

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I had the loveliest chat with Chris, the owner, who told me all about the Health Hub’s Community Interest Programme, whereby they work as a non-profit organisation to give back to the Bristol community in any shape or form they can. I absolutely love the idea of taking mindfulness lessons and yoga classes into kids’ schools, not to mention it’s just the most adorable thing, and something I would absolutely love for my own to be able to do one day!


Extending way beyond their delicious, nutritious cafe, Chris told me all about how at the Health Hub, he wanted to make osteopathy a possibility for anyone and everyone, offering amazing low cost treatments to totally re-energise and recentre, and leave you glowing from the inside out.

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I’m so unbelievably lucky to have these guys right on my doorstep, and cannot wait to see what they continue to do in the future. If you every find yourself in Bristol, make sure stopping by here for a daily dose of goodness is top of your list!

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well + happy pop-up @ celestine eleven

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m absolutely useless in the kitchen when it comes to whipping up sweet treats- I’m your girl if you need a good, hearty quinoa bowl- raw caramel shortbreads on the other hand? Not so much. That’s why I have THE biggest appreciation and love for anyone who can make a healthy dessert a viable option for me when I need my sweet fix. At the minute Chelsea over at Well + Happy is doing the most amazing things in the raw dessert world, think all your classic naughty chocolate bars, your snickers, your bounties, all with the healthiest twist! Not to mention they are TOO beautiful for words. You’ll find me drooling over her feed on a daily basis, and here’s why..


So when she announced that Well + Happy would be popping up in Shoreditch at the gorgeous boutique, Celestine Eleven, I knew I had to swing by to sample her delicious lookin’ treats and homemade tiger nut milk drinks! Yes, I said tiger nut milk. Creamy, dreamy and ohhh so indulgent, one of these bad boys mixed up with matcha made for the most incredible elixir to complement her now infamous raw millionaires.

Not to mention allll the milks, from coconut to almond are home brewed too. What more could you ask for? A savoury option you ask? Well Chelsea’s got you covered on that front too, with a vibrant selection of salads served up with some raw living crackers, your lunchtime is well and truly sorted.

The vibe is just surreal, twinkly lights, beautiful looking food and service with the biggest smile. I loved chatting to the ladies about their favourite treats- you can understand how overwhelmed I was trying to choose which treats to take home! In the end I settled for a raw carrot cupcake with a too pretty for words lemon frosting + a slab of raw white + raspberry chocolate made purely with cacao butter and no hidden nasties.

Pure, elegant and beautiful, I can’t wait to see what Chelsea and Well + Happy get up to next. Here’s hopin’ they’ll be popping up permanently around London soon- I need my weekly tiger nut matcha latte fix! Oh, and I think I know exaaactly where I’m headin’ to get my next birthday cake…


a change is gonna come 

There’s nothing more that sets my soul on fire than when you come across a quote that just perfectly sums up where you’re at and resonates with you so mentally, physically and spiritually. That quote for me at the moment is by Nelson Mandela:

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

I’ve felt this way for a pretty damn long time since getting back from my year in Paris, and in a way that has been really hard for me to sum up until now, especially being back for my last year of university in Bristol. From my Eurostar pulling into Kings Cross at the end of May, to the drive home, to settling back into London life, I couldn’t quite place what or why it was that I felt like I was in an eternal daze  going from one normal, daily thing to another. At the time, it felt as if this one incredible chapter of my life had suddenly ended and transitioned over to the next without me having any say in it.

Looking back on it, I think it came down to having a year where I was totally self-sufficient- more than I ever was at university, and completely reliant on myself regardless of what situation I found myself in, that must have had some sort of impact. From being in a new environment, around new people, taking on new adventures everyday, the normality of being back home- which I would have once described as mundane, hit me hard. I realised I couldn’t continue to keep feeling this way, and so looked inward and realised that, yes my time in beautiful Paris had come to an end, but that I’d returned with a heart and soul full of some of the most amazing memories, and that there were so so many more to come.

I’ve been settled into the cutest new uni pad for a few days now- you have to see my sweet little zen corner!  My beaut housemates are amazing, I’m feeling cosy and homely and it’s already starting to seem like the start of an exciting and brand new chapter.

 But there’s still something I can’t quite figure out, and my girls totally agree, is it that we feel out of place in Bristol, or that maybe we’ve outgrown it? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the city, it’s such a vibrant, incredible place to live and I’m so lucky to be here, but looking around I can’t help but feel from time to time that by being back at university I’m somehow taking ten steps back after having had a whole year of soul searching and realising the path that I want to follow. Sort of like I’m not doing myself justice, you know?

Whilst unpacking I couldn’t help but feel a little lump in my throat, clearly anxious about being back in the city. I took a deep breath and remembered how I felt at this point in my Parisian adventure, and I can guarantee you the feelings weren’t dissimilar at all. But within days I was snuggled into my beautiful Montmartre flat, hopping on and off the metro like a pro, soaking in the culture and it was as if those feelings of anxiety never existed at all.

This time round, I’m all about embracing the change, having seen what beautiful and wonderful things it can bring. Yes I have a monstrous amount of work coming my way and yes I’m in possibly the rainiest city in the UK, but YES I’ve also grown so much in ways I’m surprising myself with every day. Something I’ve learnt over the years that you usually feel fear when you’re on the cusp of a magic moment. It’s proof that you are alive, and that you have a fire in your belly. So this is my little way of saying to you, take that leap of faith! You have the power to grab hold of that anxiety and transform it into something wonderful.